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Top 10 ca khúc được trình diễn bởi NEEDTOBREATHE trong 40 buổi hòa nhạc gần đây nhất . New to NEEDTOBREATHE? Listen to the best songs first ()

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Những ca khúc được phát trực tiếp đã được phát hành trên những album sau:

Danh sách phát tiếp theo

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NEEDTOBREATHE Sẽ lên sân khấu khoảng 2:03. Đây là danh sách phát có thể diễn ra dựa trên các buổi hòa nhạc trước đó (69% probability):

Tên bài hát
Sự nổi tiếng
  1. Forever On Your Side (niles City Sound Sessions) cover Forever On Your Side
  2. The Reckoning cover Drive All Night
  3. Rivers In The Wasteland cover Difference Maker
  4. The Outsiders cover The Outsiders
  5. Happiness (acoustic) cover Happiness
  6. The Outsiders cover Something Beautiful
  7. Rivers In The Wasteland cover Multiplied
  8. The Reckoning cover The Reckoning
  9. The Reckoning cover Keep Your Eyes Open
  10. Rivers In The Wasteland cover State I'm In
  11. H A R D L O V E cover Testify
  12. H A R D L O V E cover No Excuses
  13. The Shack: Music From And Inspired By The Original Motion Picture cover Hard Love
  14. Brother cover Brother
  15. hát lại #1

  16. Day & Age cover Human (The Killers cover)
  17. The Outsiders cover Girl Named Tennessee
  18. The Heat cover Washed by the Water
  19. The Reckoning cover White Fences
  20. Crazy Heart cover Joy (Lucinda Williams cover)
  21. hát lại #2

  22. Rivers In The Wasteland cover More Heart, Less Attack

Bạn có thể cũng thích

nghệ sĩ tương tự

  1. Soul On Fire (feat. All Sons & Daughters) (feat. All Sons & Daughters)
  2. I Need A Miracle
  3. God of Wonders
Third Day Photo

Third Day

  1. This Is Amazing Grace
  2. Battle Belongs
  3. Living Hope
Phil Wickham Photo

Phil Wickham

  1. Meant to Live
  2. Dare You To Move
  3. I Won't Let You Go
Switchfoot Photo


  1. Control (Somehow You Want Me)
  2. By Your Side
  3. Control (Acoustic)
Tenth Avenue North Photo

Tenth Avenue North

  1. Flood
  2. Love Song For A Savior
  3. Fall Asleep
Jars of Clay Photo

Jars of Clay

  1. Little Drummer Boy
  3. God Only Knows
for KING & COUNTRY Photo


  1. How He Loves
  2. Go, Tell It On The Mountain
  3. After All (Holy)
David Crowder Band Photo

David Crowder Band

  1. Confidence
  2. Lead Me
  3. Commitment
Sanctus Real Photo

Sanctus Real

  1. I Can Only Imagine
  2. Even If
  3. Almost Home
MercyMe Photo


  1. If
  2. Code Name: Raven
  3. Feel
House of Heroes Photo

House of Heroes

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