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Top 10 ca khúc được trình diễn bởi Frank Turner trong 40 buổi hòa nhạc gần đây nhất . New to Frank Turner? Listen to the best songs first ()

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Danh sách phát tiếp theo

Frank Turner Sẽ lên sân khấu khoảng 1:02. Đây là danh sách phát có thể diễn ra dựa trên các buổi hòa nhạc trước đó (51% probability):

Tên bài hát
Sự nổi tiếng
  1. Be More Kind cover Be More Kind
  2. Songbook cover The Next Storm
  3. Tape Deck Heart cover The Way I Tend to Be
  4. Poetry Of The Deed cover The Road
  5. Tape Deck Heart cover Recovery
  6. Be More Kind cover 1933
  7. England Keep My Bones cover If Ever I Stray
  8. England Keep My Bones cover I Still Believe
  9. Positive Songs For Negative People cover Get Better
  10. Love Ire & Song cover I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous
  11. hát lại #1

  12. Love Ire & Song cover Long Live the Queen

Frank Turner Tour Map 2021

Follow Frank Turner around the world and explore the places where you can catch Frank Turner on tour.
12 Upcoming concerts, in the following countries: Pháp, Bỉ, Đức, Áo, Ý, Phần Lan, Na Uy, Thụy Điển, etc.

Bạn có thể cũng thích

nghệ sĩ tương tự

  1. John Kanaka
  2. Trouble on Oxford Street
  3. Rollin' Over
Skinny Lister Photo

Skinny Lister

  1. M.D.M Amazing
  2. A Whole Lot of Loving
  3. What Would Willie Do?
Beans on Toast Photo

Beans on Toast

  1. We Could Be Kings
  2. Long Ride Home
  3. Saboteurs
Dave Hause Photo

Dave Hause

  1. The Boat
  2. Nomad by Fate
  3. The Flame in the Flood
Chuck Ragan Photo

Chuck Ragan

  1. "45"
  2. The '59 Sound
  3. Great Expectations
The Gaslight Anthem Photo

The Gaslight Anthem

  1. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (The Postal Service Cover)
  2. Singalong
  3. Tell Avril Lavigne I Never Wanted to Be Her Stupid Boyfriend Anyway
Ben Marwood Photo

Ben Marwood

  1. I Don't Mind (If I'm with You)
  2. Hard Feelings
  3. Smoke
Brian Fallon Photo

Brian Fallon

  1. Seize the Night
  2. King for a King
  3. King for a King (Live at the Lighthouse, Deal, April 2015)
Will Varley Photo

Will Varley

  1. I Got Love
  2. Save The World, Get The Girl
  3. What If Punk Never Happened
The King Blues Photo

The King Blues

  1. Better Days
  2. If We Go Down, We Will Go Together!
  3. Till the End
Tim Vantol Photo

Tim Vantol

  1. The Woodpile
  2. Holy
  3. Keep Yourself Warm
Frightened Rabbit Photo

Frightened Rabbit

  1. California Stars
  2. Hobo's Lullaby
  3. When the Roses Bloom Again
Billy Bragg Photo

Billy Bragg

  1. Thrash Unreal
  2. I Was a Teenage Anarchist
  3. Baby, I'm an Anarchist!
Against Me! Photo

Against Me!

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